The idea here is to let you know of the Aussies In The US Group and invite you join and hope that you enjoy all benefits that are associated with the group.

We’re only offering membership to Aussies that actually live and work in the USA.

Discounts at  Mates's Places  are set by each Mates's Place  and are referred to as “Mate's Rates”  but the “Mate's Rates”  are a minimum of 12.5% off the advertised price for goods and services but in some cases, the discount may be better than the 12.5% we’ve been able negotiated.

Mates's Places  will be listed here on the  Mates's Places  page of our website and the list is growing monthly.

So don’t be a drongo, ask when you arrive at a  Mates's Place  what the  “Mate's Rates”  are.

Member Benefits
  1. 12.5% discount on all online purchases at our site.
  2. 12.5% discount for  Aussies In The US  Member and guest/s at any and all  Aussies In The US  events/functions.
  3. When events have limited attendee space,  Aussies In The US  Members get preferential consideration.
  4. Discounts at other  Mates's Places  nationally.
  5. An up-to-date and current Calendar of any and all events within the US that we are informed about with web links to websites that will have full details of such events.
  1. Aussies In The US “Mate's Rates”  are taken at checkout on  Mates's Places  websites or at the cash register, depends on how you deal with them. For online purchases, input your Membership Number into the shopping cart.
  2. Aussies In The US “Mate's Rates”  do not apply to wholesale purchases if available at  Mates's Places.