Aussies In The US Mates
  1. Gum Leaf Media:
    • Gum Leaf Media is an independent Actor/Talent Management company representing exceptionally well trained and very experienced professionals that work in feature films, television series, theater, documentaries and television.
  2. The Talent Agency:
    • The Talent Agency is a booking agency that makes a major commitment to all the Talent/Artists that it represents, and that is that each and every client will be contacted on a monthly basis to update them on any and all enquiries that TTA has received regarding each one of them.
  3. Aussie Realtors in the US:
    • The concept of this website is to help US based Aussie Realtors who wish to network with other Aussie Realtors based in the US in different States and markets to further assist their respective clients with any and all real estate matters. Also this site is to help Australians who either live in the US or want to relocate to another region within the US or for those who wish to relocate to the US and need the help and assistance of a Real Estate Agent.
Australian Consulate Offices in the US
  1. Chicago:
  2. Denver:
  3. Honolulu:
  4. Houston:
  5. Los Angeles:
  6. New York:
  7. San Francisco:
Austrade Offices in the US
  1. Austrade Chicago:
  2. Austrade Houston:
  3. Austrade New York:
  4. Austrade San Francisco:
  5. Austrade Washington DC:


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